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The Pine Bush zone ,UFOS become IFOS in 2007!

Welcome to my new Blogspot. which will display some of the intelligence, information, and photos I have been allowed and priviliged to recieve from a super advanced extraterrestrial race from the Orion stars. that is why this Blogspot is titled 'Orion IFOS research', because the objects I have been seeing and filming normally called 'ufos' have become 'ifos' (identified flying objects) to me. due to the fact that the occupants of these ufo craft have contacted me and identified themselves to me. pretentious and absurd as that may sound it is nevertheless true and I will present the evidence for it. This is not fantasy or a put on look at the slideshow.

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Orion UFO video June-16-2009

ET Contact dialogue

Telepathic contact dialogue from Orion extraterrestrial female , "Abena" recieved August 7-2007 while in a state of deep meditation.

"Hello Phil , Iam called Abena Astuz Yahl...."I want you to know that we are like you in form with some minor variations. we come from Orion and it was our ancestors who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. we know of you and were awaiting your return to Pine Bush. Iam going to make close contacts with you so get ready. Now, if you will learn the practice of 'deep meditation' it will prepare you, condition you, and make it easier for us to have contacts. you see it has to be this way , because our brainwave resonance is controlled by the practice of deep meditational states like TM. And so if you want to make contact with us you must reform and accommodate yourself with that which is natural to us. without this no close contacts can happen. The reason we respond to you by thought is because you have already fairly progressed far enough through meditation and observance of the cosmic laws that we discerned you deserving of closer sightings and responses from ourselves and our aerial crafts."...

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UFO activity around Pine Bush NY

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Triangular Craft seen resting upon a space platform within the Orion Constellation

I have great news to announce and report on:

Amazing new discovery! , a You-tube channel owner has researched some telescopic photos of the Orion Constellation and has tagged several photos which show strange and anomalous shapes and figures like pyramids and apparently 'triangular shape spacecraft' resting upon some sort of space platform within the Orion Constellation, (pay attention to minute '6:39 -56 of the video to see the triangular craft resting on the space platform it's remarkable.) these unique photos can be seen here in this You tube video titled.
'Our Universe #6 Orion.'

These remarkable photos of pyramidal and triangular shaped objects within the Orion Constellation especially the triangular shaped object resting upon some kind of space platform near the 3 giant belt stars of Orion all afford some rather suggestive and strong evidence that extraterrestrial life thrives within the great constellation. and in particular this 'triangular shaped object' seen resting upon a platform of sorts apparently is a spacecraft! and incredibly it's triangular shape is exactly the same shape as the triangular UFO craft I've been filming over Orange county NY!!! and whats more amazing as well as is corroborative are that the pilots of the triangular craft I'm filming in NY have identified themselves to me as originating from the Orion Constellation! I have dozens and dozens of video showing this same shaped triangular object as is seen in my video. This in effect I think confirms and validates a little more the scientific as well as circumstantial evidence surrounding my material and testimony, that I am in truth seeing, filming and having contact with extraterrestrial craft and humans who originated from within the mighty Constellation of Orion.


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