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The Pine Bush zone ,UFOS become IFOS in 2007!

Welcome to my new Blogspot. which will display some of the intelligence, information, and photos I have been allowed and priviliged to recieve from a super advanced extraterrestrial race from the Orion stars. that is why this Blogspot is titled 'Orion IFOS research', because the objects I have been seeing and filming normally called 'ufos' have become 'ifos' (identified flying objects) to me. due to the fact that the occupants of these ufo craft have contacted me and identified themselves to me. pretentious and absurd as that may sound it is nevertheless true and I will present the evidence for it. This is not fantasy or a put on look at the slideshow.

Music The Orion Zone Jack Andrews

Orion UFO video June-16-2009

ET Contact dialogue

Telepathic contact dialogue from Orion extraterrestrial female , "Abena" recieved August 7-2007 while in a state of deep meditation.

"Hello Phil , Iam called Abena Astuz Yahl...."I want you to know that we are like you in form with some minor variations. we come from Orion and it was our ancestors who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. we know of you and were awaiting your return to Pine Bush. Iam going to make close contacts with you so get ready. Now, if you will learn the practice of 'deep meditation' it will prepare you, condition you, and make it easier for us to have contacts. you see it has to be this way , because our brainwave resonance is controlled by the practice of deep meditational states like TM. And so if you want to make contact with us you must reform and accommodate yourself with that which is natural to us. without this no close contacts can happen. The reason we respond to you by thought is because you have already fairly progressed far enough through meditation and observance of the cosmic laws that we discerned you deserving of closer sightings and responses from ourselves and our aerial crafts."...

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UFO activity around Pine Bush NY

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Orion Contact Notes* 2nd Contact-June-5-2010

Contact report #2. June-5th-2010, Orange County New York,

Abena says, Hello Phil, good to see you again
Orionifo says, hi Abena greetings.
,but i must say I feel very subdued and almost tamed since our conversations began.
I feel tranquil almost sedated.
Abena says, your emotions will start to calm as you commune with me.
and if you continue to commune with me and learn more about us, your genes will get stronger.
Orionifo says, from which Orion star are you from can you tell me?
Abena says,My home world is called Erra
Orionifo says, Erra? but isnt that what the Plejaren's call their home world in the Pleaides?
Abena says, As I said that is my birth place.Not where I live.
Orionifo says, what you were born in the Pleiades, but later moved to the Orion constellation?
Abena says, yes.
Orionifo says,so do you return to Orion once in awhile? i mean like trips or vacations to there?
Abena says,Yes I do many times, but my family is in the Pleiades.
Orionifo says, but you are half Orion though? I mean you possess Orion genetics?
Abena says, yes!
Orionifo says, interesting.
Abena says, some of my features are different.
Orionifo says, so to what star in Orion did you move to?
Abena says,An unknown star to earth called, Ledas.
Orionifo says, ok.
Abena says,There is a planet there called Sektu, I live there.
Orionifo says, wow, is Sektu like earth and Erra?
Abena says,It's 4 times bigger than earth, 90% water.A Day lasts 2 earth days.
Orionidfo says, then just islands there? like the Bahamas near Florida?
Abena says, No, the majority of the cities are underwater and they sparkle like shining diamonds when seen from sektu's orbit.
Orionifo says wow , that must be an amazing sight!

Orionifo says, so, you can actually fly your ships right through the ground through solids, rocks, trees etc?
Abena says, Using a meznod generator we can cut down all the atoms and particles of us and the craft and move them through solids
Then build up the atoms and particles again.
Orionifo says, do you take showers with water to clean up like earth humans do?
Abena says, We use small Pod like compartments that when inside your body is covered in a gell like substance called, sipux.
This only lasts for 5 earth seconds.
It makes us 99% clean.

Orionifo says, what do you Orions know about Jesus?
Abena says,You know that we know God as, the Creator, The almighty Creator who built and made Everything in the universe. Jesus is a prophet of the Creator.
The Creator treated Jesus like a son due to his faith. "Yeshua Ben Yoesef" Is jesus's real name. We believe that jesus was a prophet of the creator. The creator smiled upon him in every way.There is proof that the creator gave jesus many of his powers as a gift to humanity.
Orionifo says,anything more on Jesus?
Abena says, I have already told you what we know of Jesus.
But i cannot comment further as you may disagree with our beliefs.
Orionifo says, please tell me I'm mature enough to hear what you have to say, in fact I need to hear.
Abena says, Are you sure?
Orionifo says, yes!
Abena says, very well.
Orionifo says, I can put two and two together.
Abena says, To some Muslims, the term "Son of God" brings up images of a sort of divine being with a goddess wife who together have somehow produced a child. So when Muslims hear the term in reference to Jesus, they immediately assume that the Christians are committing blasphemy by stating that God has participated in some sort of sexual union with another god - a goddess wife. No where in the Bible does it say that God had relations with anyone to produce a literal son, nor has Christianity taught that God produced a son through any physical act whatsoever. Such a thing is heretical. Nevertheless, the Bible in numerous places calls Jesus the Son of God. But, it does not mean that Jesus is the literal offspring of God.
Orionifo says, excellent description, and I wholly agree with you, Abena.
like the Mormons for example, believe that God the father is an exalted man who lives in polygamy with numerous goddess wives and creates literal spirit babies. which are purely imaginary fantasies of the earth human carnal mind.'
Abena says, yes, I am glad you agree with me.

Orionifo says,Semjasey also said that the brain acids of a Plejaren could be implanted in the brain of an earth human and that earth human could then
reach their level.
Abena says, augmentations can be used.
Orionifo says, what's thats?
Abena says, augmentations are eletronic, biological implants which can give the user unique abilitys.
i currently have 7 augmentations.

Orionifo says,does it take a lot of core energy from your ship's drive to become completely invisible?
Abena says,Yes. but we can stay invisible for as long as we wish.
Orionifo says,ah this i suspected, as I remember Semjase telling Billy Meier it took extra time and energy to create an invisbility screen.
Abena says,yes.
Orionifo says,are your ships even more advanced than the Plejaren beamship saucers?
Abena says, yes.
Orionifo says, wow, ok whats the main difference?
Abena says, our craft are larger, have more room, are faster, and a much more advanced drive core.
Orionifo says, ok, nice thank you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Sightings and Contact with the Orions -2009 to 2010

Alright it's high time I updated this site and blog. I apologize for the delay, I've been extremely busy with my Youtube channel editing and uploading many new videos

Over the course of months throughout 2009 up till now Feb.2010 my sightings and contacts with the extraterrestrial craft which fly frequently over Orange,and Ulster counties NY has increased dramatically.
the ET' ships have come in closer and closer and are revealing more and more of the outline and shape of their exotic triangular craft which are unlike the shape of any secret stealth USAF aircraft anywhere. the craft I see, film and have contact with are in truth extraterrestrial and they come from the Orion system, the belt stars of Orion to be exact. the ET's have business here, which is one reason why there's so much UFO activity in this area of Orange county NY state. about this business I'm not allowed to speak on.

Orion triangular craft video- 1-29-2010

these craft are triangular shaped and have an eerie almost gothic look to them, actually they could be a little scary to unaware and casual viewers. which is why the ET's generally employ cloaking and also mimicry of our conventional aircraft. they do this so as not to terrify earth people and cause a panic which the uncloaked sight of their exotic craft would surely provoke and generate in most earth people.
all of this knowledge I have arrived at after 2.5 years of close observation of these craft. I also have been contacted by mental telepathy
by several pilots of this extraterrestrial race. they told me it was their ancient ancestors from Orion who were the ones who designed and constructed the Great Pyramids of Giza over 12,000 years ago as astronomical markers portending periodic pole shifts on earth over many thousands of years. which have alot to do with the 3 main belt stars of Orion. you see astronomically and creationally speaking the Orion constellation generates and exerts incredibly powerful magnetic fields which are actually steering our own earthly Solar system along with it in a certain calibrated direction. this is perhaps the most secret reason why the Great Pyramids and sphinx were constructed in the first place by the Orion's. periodically there are certain alignments of the stellar Orion system with earth which cause massive pole shifts on earth to happen as well as other unusual consciousness related expansion which results in new understandings in many varied fields and sciences.
this comes as a matter of course by natural law from the great advanced extraterrestrial societies which inhabit the Orion system.which are not solely inhabited by only stereo typical greys and lizards. for in truth there are many human species resembling us which also inhabit the Orion system.
all in all the Orion stars are a very special place which hold many mysteries and exciting discoveries. they are intimately involved in the creation of ever new stellar matter, and it's prototype 'molecular plasma' which can be seen everywhere throughout the Orion nebula.
the most important symbol which carries great meaning to all Orion's and the one they form their ships in is the 'triangle' and tetrahedron' this has to do with incredible secrets of creation and the triune nature and fabric of existence itself. these are just some of the elementary truths that I've learned as a result of the Orion ET's telepathic contacts and sightings with me over the course of 2.5 years now. the whole reason for my contact was to make known their secret presence on earth and to reveal a protocol which if we comply with and observe we eventually will be allowed to join the intergalactic confederation of Orion. they are inviting us to learn about them and cosmic law. to prepare and evolve into greater awareness, knowledge and maturity. without them we cannot reach our highest potential and neither they without us to an extent can reach their best potential, because natural-creational law obligates them to assist us to a certain degree in our development.

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