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The Pine Bush zone ,UFOS become IFOS in 2007!

Welcome to my new Blogspot. which will display some of the intelligence, information, and photos I have been allowed and priviliged to recieve from a super advanced extraterrestrial race from the Orion stars. that is why this Blogspot is titled 'Orion IFOS research', because the objects I have been seeing and filming normally called 'ufos' have become 'ifos' (identified flying objects) to me. due to the fact that the occupants of these ufo craft have contacted me and identified themselves to me. pretentious and absurd as that may sound it is nevertheless true and I will present the evidence for it. This is not fantasy or a put on look at the slideshow.

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Orion UFO video June-16-2009

ET Contact dialogue

Telepathic contact dialogue from Orion extraterrestrial female , "Abena" recieved August 7-2007 while in a state of deep meditation.

"Hello Phil , Iam called Abena Astuz Yahl...."I want you to know that we are like you in form with some minor variations. we come from Orion and it was our ancestors who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. we know of you and were awaiting your return to Pine Bush. Iam going to make close contacts with you so get ready. Now, if you will learn the practice of 'deep meditation' it will prepare you, condition you, and make it easier for us to have contacts. you see it has to be this way , because our brainwave resonance is controlled by the practice of deep meditational states like TM. And so if you want to make contact with us you must reform and accommodate yourself with that which is natural to us. without this no close contacts can happen. The reason we respond to you by thought is because you have already fairly progressed far enough through meditation and observance of the cosmic laws that we discerned you deserving of closer sightings and responses from ourselves and our aerial crafts."...

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UFO activity around Pine Bush NY

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pyramid and Sphinx built by Extraterrestrial culture

I came across what I feel is some extremely valuable and credible information regarding some discoveries made by several archeological team expeditions around the Giza plateau and Sphinx during the 1930's and mid-1970's this information was supplied by the book...

'Mysteries of the Pyramid by David H Lewis'


"An expedition was mounted as a result of data gathered back in the 1920's and 1930's about a secret chamber under the pyramid. They built equipment in later years and went in down into the pyramid and found this metal door 500 feet below the base of the pyramid. They found other doors. The doors used a sonic code. They found a room with over 30,000 recording disks and alien equipment. They made photos of the disks with IR film. The Egyptian government wouldn't allow them to take any out. The disks were deciphered. They described the rise and fall of civilizations in outer space going back more than 100,000 years. This group built this record room and then built the pyramid over it. There was no UFO, but a lot of equipment was stored on three levels. They photographed over 2,700 record disks. According to an Air Force contact, these disks are sitting in a safe at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. They don't want the public to know the information." Al Bielek

David Lewis and several other associates made several expeditions around and deep under the Giza plateau in 1975-77 And the import of what was later revealed by these archaeological discoveries at the Giza plateau in Egypt is staggering! because hard evidence was seen and handled by witnesses in the form of ancient texts and highly evolved technologies like particle beam tools were found in secret subterranean chambers under the Great Pyramid and Sphinx as well as the pre dynastic history of Egypt's original founders and colonizers which the ancient texts and hieroglyphs revealed to be extraterrestrials from other stars.Read more about this here.
Above is a composite picture seen in the upper left side of this post of some of the text found during these expeditions.
These archaeological discoveries have been hushed up and denied by people who want to monopolize it all for themselves, they do not want to share this information because they think the public may not yet be capable of handling it. and in one sense they may be partly correct. we must give credit to our intelligence agencies and military as they are extremely well disciplined and think along the lines of our mental and national health and security. on the other hand though it may be high time and in the best interest of the public to learn about these startling national and technical discoveries of the ancient Egyptian civilization as this information would serve to augment mankind's awakening to a realization of the cosmic and universal laws and levels. It would also serve to teach man that extraterrestrials did in fact colonize earth in the ancient past and interacted with earth people. obviously this entire saga involves and brings us to the issue of 'disclosure' ....which many are demanding these days. But ultimately no matter who or what tries to hide, suppress, deny,twist, or cover up the 'truth' will for long succeed, because .. "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light." Luke.8:17
Truth is a fire that cannot be extinguished. it is constantly alive and cannot be put out by anyone. if truth is covered up , denied or changed it is only temporary and for a season, but ultimately the record of truth is eternal and will be replayed. the recording mechanism of truth is not human nor subject to human laws and whims it is of the spirit and sub-conscious mind.


cavinwright said...

Please also read:


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The Golden Prize: Incorporating Code Nine Enchiridion is a fascinating body of work that correlates American seer, Edgar Cayce’s and Plato’s theories with Wright’s mathematical formulas, resulting in astonishing findings.
What is the connection between Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, the Hall of Records and light-speed travel? Wright details these mysteries and other suppositions, using Cayce and Plato’s theorems, coupled with his own meticulous research and equations.
Could the people of Atlantis have been those described in Genesis and is the flood documented in the Bible linked to the destruction of Atlantis? Does the Earth have a secret past and is humanity on the verge of a quantum leap forward?
Find out how the events are linked and how they parallel with the dire predictions of Revelation. Discover how these historical happenings might foreshadow our future.
Determine the direct correlation between Code Nine Enchiridion and the end of time prophecies. Learn what the Golden Prize is and what it means to humanity.

Publisher’s website:

Joseph Capp said...

This is very interesting stuff my name is Joseph Capp I write a blog called UFO Media Matters. I live in Brooklyn NY. I am very intrested in Pine Bush. I don't know if have seen the Powerpoint Presentation on a scientist who did some research up there he has some interesting pictures that look like your triangle. I will send you the link if you want My email is Anyway I would like to drive up some day and go spotting with you.
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog

Joseph Capp said...

Well I am glad you back. Even though I don't know you. I am married to a Jewish lady and I recent his nonsense. . Will a Jewish person who has a close encounter come forward if they hear... they are ETs lizards.
Have we removed the UFO question so far from the flesh and blood people who experienceit that they are just become a way to sell a book, or go on a lecture tour.. Remember without their courage we don't have UFOs cases.
These outrageous theories put forth is just insaine. Many of these theories are prime examples of guilt by association.
Not the America I want and definitely not the research style I believe to be correct.
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking

viagra online said...

Just mind blowing information, I have always believe that since I was a little boy, for me the pyramids were something not built by us humans. And most important is that the dates scholars provide us are just wrong, for me the pyramid is at least 15000bc or even more back in time, along with some other ruins in americas like tiahuanaco and puma pumku.

Jan Dudok said...

God is Love. I, Sananda, the representation of God, am Love.

I speak the words which Prime Creator has breathed into my mouth, as I will do faithfully as long as my life as a soul goes on, eternally.

No other version of my words but this one are the words of the Father directly through me. Many of the old writings have been reinterpreted or purposely distorted to serve the wishes of those in power, in order to remain in power. We must begin anew. If you wish to quote me, please use these teachings rather than old texts.

I will speak only in words of encouragement which will serve to enlighten and uplift humankind to rise above the fear, divisiveness and hatred which has been the way of life on Planet Earth for millennia.

I do not come to establish a new religion, by any name. I wish to teach The True Way - communication with God and all conscious beings in Love, Compassion, Harmony, Forgiveness, and Joy.

Any teachings which engender feelings of fear, guilt, separateness from others, superiority over any other living being, or any rift between an individual and their True Being is not the Word of God, and will not be found in my words.

I AM One with God, as you are. WE ARE ONE. This is the lesson I bring to you in Joy and in Unending Love. You are God, as I AM. We cannot be separated, because we are not separate. No physical distance, no idea or belief can keep us apart. We are destined to live in harmony and peace, in absolute Love. So be it.

I am Sananda, and I approve this message, with Joy and Hope in my heart.

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